In this enlightening episode of the Change Management Review Podcast, host Theresa Moulton sits down with Norman Wolfe, a pioneer in transforming business paradigms and the founder and CEO of Quantum Leaders. Norman brings his deep expertise and unique perspective on how businesses can achieve extraordinary results by unleashing the power of the human spirit.

Discover a fresh and human-centric approach to change management in this episode, promising to transform your organization’s ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Tune in to hear Norman Wolfe’s thoughts on:

  • Why is changing behavior so difficult for people.
  • Understanding how to help people embrace change.
  • What is The Living Organization System (TLOS™) and how does it facilitate faster change adoption

About the Guest:

Norman Wolfe is a leading voice in bringing about a transformation of the core paradigm of business. He is founder and CEO of Quantum Leaders, a strategy execution consulting company changing business to unleash the power of the human spirit.

He is a recognized expert in changing the way businesses work to more effectively and rapidly execute strategy. He brings a depth and groundedness to the art of leadership and creating corporate results that is rare, and often sees what others do not.

Throughout his career as a Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Director, and Advisor to CEOs, Norman Wolfe has successfully guided corporations through major transitions leading to substantial growth, market expansion and enhanced financial performance.

Norman’s lifelong passion has been to understand how we, as individuals and organizations, create results and manifest our destiny. This passion is brought to life through his own Soulful PurposeTM to transform organizations to support and enhance the dignity of the human spirit releasing the creative expression of the collective. The Living Organization® Trilogy is part of that journey.

In 2011 he published the first book of the trilogy, The Living Organization: Transforming Business To Create Extraordinary Results. It is an amalgamation and refinement of the core principles of how the world works, applying it to how businesses can create extraordinary impact.

In 1988, after a successful 15-year career with Hewlett Packard, he started his own consulting firm advising CEOs in a variety of industries addressing a wide range of business challenges, from strategy to improving operations, from sales & marketing to mergers & acquisitions and turnarounds. In 2001 he founded and is currently Chairman and CEO of Quantum Leaders, a leading-edge consulting company focused on helping boards and CEOs improve strategy execution.

Norman travels the world speaking and training organizations and leaders on The Living Organization® and the way to transform organizations from machines of production to dynamic, creative living organizations. His company, Quantum Leaders provides offers The Living Organization System (TLOSTM) to companies wanting to evolve to Living Organizations.

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