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Created by our team of contributors and select change management thought leaders, these cover research, innovations, and trends in the profession.

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Meet Our Team Contributors

Theresa Moulton
Theresa MoultonEditor-In-Chief
Explore perspectives, reports, and summaries from Theresa Moulton.
Helen Palmer
Helen PalmerChief Knowledge Officer
Ksenia Bitter
Ksenia BitterContributing Editor
COMING SOON: The 50 Change Practitioners To Follow series (subscribe for updates).
Jessica Bronzert
Jessica BronzertContributor
Explore the “Vertical Development: The Intersection of Change and Leadership” series from Jessica Bronzert.
Dr. BehNaz Gholami
Dr. BehNaz GholamiContributor
Explore the “Design Thinking” series from Dr. BehNaz Gholami.
Dr. Linda Hoopes
Dr. Linda HoopesContributor
Explore the “Change Management Intersections” series from Dr. Linda Hoopes.

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