In this episode, Filippo Passerini, co-author of Revolutionizing Business Operations: How to Build Dynamic Processes for Enduring Competitive Advantage, shares the importance of not overlooking customer experience when innovating business processes.

Bringing constant innovation to business processes to weather an incoming disruption involves having an “open market mindset.”

An open market mindset ensures that organizations continually question the status quo, take educated risks on business process evolution, and develop contextual intelligence. Yet, efficiency-alone solutions can eventually hurt overall business process effectiveness.

Pushing cost efficiencies at the expense of customer experience, or separately from the overall business value, is a mistake says Passerini giving the example of how call center services across industries have evolved from onshore to offshore to automated.

In the process, some have become virtually inaccessible or have lost their human touch. Therefore, business process design must deliver both operations efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Tune in and hear Filippo Passerini’s share tangible steps for revolutionizing business operations and answers to questions such as:

  • Why transforming business processes (like Finance or HR) is important to winning in the marketplace
  • Why most business transformation programs fail — and what can be done to avoid it
  • How to proactively keep business processes across the company from becoming obsolete
  • What leaders must do to create a culture of change
  • How to measure progress along your transformation journey

About the Guest:

Filippo Passerini’s leadership as President of P&G’s Global Business Services and CIO has been recognized as best-in-class in the industry. His strategies appear in numerous books, articles, and business reviews. He currently is a consultant to several companies and C-suite executives. He is co-author of: Revolutionizing Business Operations: How to Build Dynamic Processes for Enduring Competitive Advantage (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Sept. 12, 2023).

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