Sue Noble and Amy Tarrant connected at a Change Management Institute event in 2018, quickly realizing the extent to which their skillset overlapped and the significant benefit there would be in blending these skill sets to deliver successful, long-term change.  Amy subsequently invited Sue to talk at one of the Change Management Institute’s events. This led to many conversations on the synergy between the two disciplines and the relevance coaching can have for change practitioners.

They recognized that, although there were plenty of books on Change Management and many books on the subject of Coaching, there seemed to be very few which attempted to fuse the two subjects. Sue and Amy wanted to write a book which was not aimed purely at experienced coaches, but which encouraged non-coaches and change practitioners to embrace the many coaching tools and techniques that can help deliver lasting change.

Editor-in-Chief, Theresa Moulton sits down with Amy Tarrant and co-author Sue Noble ofCoaching People through Organisational Change: Practical Tools to Support Employees through Business Transformation’ who talks us through their new book.

In this podcast, these ladies uncover how to effectively coach people through transformation including the following:

  • What catalyzed you to write this book?
  • What are some of the best coaching tools that change professionals can use in their work?
  • How does coaching actually improve adoption?
  • Does a cm professional need a formal certification to add coaching practices to their work?
  • What is the difference between mentoring and coaching?

About the Guests

Amy Tarrant has been delivering organizational change for 15 years, primarily in the insurance sector. Most recently she led the project delivery team for a London Market insurer.

Although Amy’s professional life has been heavily focused on project and programmed delivery, she has been drawn to the discipline of change management. She joined the Change Management Institute in 2015 and in 2017, founded their South East Chapter. Over time, she started to recognize the many synergies between coaching and change, leading her to found the Change Management Institute’s Coaching Think Tank.

Amy holds a BA in Modern Languages from the University of Salford, an MBA from Durham University, and a Bachelor of Laws from the Open University. She is currently studying for a Master of Laws at Queen Mary university.

Amy is also a Trustee for the Brighton Yoga Foundation, taking the lead on fundraising to enable vital outreach work in the community.

Amy lives in Sussex with her husband, Steve, and dog, Molly.

Sue Noble is owner and Director of Noble Learning Ltd, a training and coaching organization specializing in all things coaching and mentoring and people-centered leadership development. Noble Learning is a recognized provider with Chartered Management Institute (CMI). She works with private and public sector organizations supporting them to embed a coaching and mentoring culture and supporting learners with supervision. Sue has membership with CMI, EMCC and Henley Business School. Sue holds a Level 7 qualification in Executive Coaching, a diploma in Coaching Supervision and in April 2022 achieved her Senior Coach Practitioner and Coach Supervisor accreditation with EMCC.

Over the years, coaching and training has brought Sue into contact with a variety of people who are invested in self and professional development and who have recognized that in order to get to where they want to be, change is essential.

Coaching only really works if the client is motivated, has the energy to change and is ready to move on in their journey.

Sue lives in Sussex with her husband, Dave, and has one daughter and two granddaughters.


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