In this insightful interview special guest Mike Lee and Theresa Moulton, Editor-in-Chief of Change Management Review™, delve into the topic of mindfulness, presence, and leadership in an era marked by constant distractions.

Drawing on his diverse background and personal experience, Mike highlights the correlation between mindfulness and peak performance, stressing the significance of being fully present in the moment to foster engagement and create cultures of belonging within organizations.

Mike encourages change management leaders and organizations to prioritize mindfulness and presence in navigating the complexities of leadership and change management, to ultimately foster environments where individuals can thrive and succeed.

In this episode, Mike and Theresa discuss:

  • Why is mindfulness more important than ever?
  • What’s the correlation between mindfulness and peak performance?
  • Why do we need a new set of rules for leadership?
  • Why do we need to redefine productivity?
  • What are some things leaders can do to improve engagement?
  • Why is it so important for leaders to first and foremost have a great relationship with and understand themselves?

About the Guest:

In a world of disruption, change, and adversity Mike Lee helps individual contributors, leaders, and organizations activate the purpose-driven, future-focused, and heart-centered skills that drive engagement, win the war for talent, and create cultures of belonging. He’s blended a diverse background of mindset, mindfulness, and high-performance to create a counter-cultural approach to the future of leadership.

Mike’s engaging, inspiring, and interactive programs at F500 companies and professional associations like Morgan Stanley, AmFam, Cisco, SHRM and IBM have earned rave reviews from bold and driven leaders. He’s delivered this approach through keynotes in packed ballrooms of a thousand and workshops with 10-person senior leadership teams. Mike has been described as “the easiest and most conscientious speaker I’ve worked with”, “the perfect choice to kick off our event” and having “an impeccable ability to tell a story”.

For 15 years he worked with some of basketball’s elite earning testimonials from NBA players such as MVP Steph Curry. Through his experience building an international basketball brand from his college apartment, and growing it while battling anxiety and depression, Mike understands the challenges leaders face in this volatile, uncertain, and complex world. His unique combination of personal adversity and basketball background gives him the ability to connect in a vulnerable and authentic way with a diverse range of audiences from the stage.

Drawing on the latest research from neuroscience, sports psychology, and personal experience, he’s shared stories and practical exercises — across the world — to help people find their own inner power and poise to thrive in business and life. His latest #1 best seller, The New Rules For The Future of Leadership, has been endorsed by the likes of Neiman Marcus Chief People and Belonging Officer, New York Times best selling authors, and other Fortune 500 leaders.

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