Coaching is a powerful tool in change. Individual and team coaching builds the core competency of change by helping individuals articulate and make desired changes through a safe and trustworthy space.

In this episode with Theresa Moulton, Editor-in-Chief, and Sandra Stewart, MCC, MBA,  they discuss how coaching can move organizations forward during a change initiative by helping individuals develop new skills and perspectives, and by fostering a culture of learning and growth.

Thinking strategically about how to deploy individual and group coaching, as you are developing your change process and strategy, is a great way to partner with a coaching professional to catalyze and ensure sustainable change in organizations.

In this episode, Sandra shares her thoughts on:

  • The definition of coaching and the its different types
  • How coaching creates core competencies of change in the organization and its people.
  • Examples where coaching catalyzed change
  • The strategic approach and tools to align coaching to change
  • and much more!

“What is so often overlooked in making change is the very human factors that either catapult change or deter it. Coaching and coaching programs deployed strategically can create competencies of change in people and organizations that create insight, agility and innovation in the world of change.”

~Sandra L. Stewart

About the Guest:

Sandra Stewart, MCC, MBA is an executive, team and group coach as well as a coaching and leadership program consultant with her firm SLS Coaching & Consulting established in 1999. She is an instructor for Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance. In her book Building the Core Competencies of Change: A Guide to Coaching in Organizations she defines coaching and coaching approaches as well as how to deploy coaching in organizations. She is also a contributor to an academic text Building an Organizational Coaching Culture. She serves on the ICF Independent Review Board adjudicating ethics complaints worldwide. She received her MBA from Columbia University Business School and her BA from Colgate University. She is a member of the ACMP/ICF Task Force exploring synergies between coaching and change management.

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