In this episode, Robin Hill joins Theresa Moulton for an informative discussion how Emotional Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence work together (or against each other) in organizations and the importance of future proofing yourself as a Change Management professional and leader. As Artificial Intelligence is being used more rapidly on a day to day basis by organizations, it’s uses and limitations need to be examined to determine it’s impact on teams, leaders and organizations. Where does Artificial Intelligence end and Emotional Intelligence begin in an organization?

Tune in to discover:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • What are the limitations of Artificial Intelligence?
  • What Change Management professionals and leaders should focus on right now to best serve their stakeholders
  • What is the impact of Artificial Intelligence on teams and team dynamics
  • How Emotional Intelligence can help improve individual’s resilience
  • Questions and strategies to future proof yourself

About the Guest

Robin is the director of Ei4Change, a company specializing in educational training, coaching and personal development focused around emotional intelligence,
positive psychology and neuroscience.

He has taught over 400,000 people in 195+ countries how to build resilience, increased self-awareness and understanding of others. His educational programs on resilience and emotional intelligence cover the most comprehensive and detailed education of any emotional intelligence organization and are today used in educational establishments in South Africa and India.

Robin is the author of 2 books and has through his work developed the experiential coaching methodology Images of Resilience to support cathartic conversations around resilience.

He has delivered key-note speeches at conferences across the world including at Harvard University and sits on the North West Committee of the Association of
Business Psychology.

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