In this episode of the Change Management Review™ Podcast, Theresa Moulton interviews Dr. Dean Anderson. As a speaker, writer, consultant and no-nonsense trainer with over thirty years of experience, Dr. Anderson coaches his clients to design and implement transformational change, deliver breakthrough results, increase organizational change capacity, and establish a high performing, co-creative corporate culture that unleashes human potential. Dean’s eclectic understanding of mindset, culture, and process gives him a unique perspective that established him as a thought-leader in the field of Organization Transformation.

In Part 1 of this in-depth interview, Dr. Anderson defines for us the concept of “Conscious Change Leadership”, why this differs from the traditional concept of Change Management, and some of the key principles of Conscious Change Leadership that drive results.

Questions Asked:

1. How did you get into the Change Management profession?
2. What is Conscious Change Leadership and how does it differ from Change Management?
3. What are the key principles of Conscious Change Leadership that drive its results?

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