Dive deep into the psyche of leaders and discover tangible strategies for enhancing leadership effectiveness in change management in this “From the Field” episode of the Change Management Review Podcast. In this insightful episode, Theresa Moulton converses with Edwina Pike, a seasoned expert in business transformation and leadership development. With over 30 years of experience across global industries, Edwina shares valuable insights on the nuances of leadership within the realm of organizational change.

Tune in and hear these key Insights from Edwina Pike:

  1. Leadership as the Primary Driver of Change: Edwina underscores the importance of leadership in effectuating organizational behavior change. The tribal nature of organizations and the innate desire to please authority figures significantly impact how changes are implemented and received.
  2. The Crisis in Leadership Development: There is a profound gap in formal leadership training outside military contexts, which often results in leaders learning from previous projects and “on the go” rather than structured education. This lack of foundational learning leads to inadequacies in handling change effectively.
  3. Humanizing Leaders: Leaders are human, they are not infallible or devoid of emotions. Recognizing leaders as human first helps in understanding their limitations and strengths in driving change.
  4. Brain Hacks for Leaders: Gain practical strategies, or ‘brain hacks,’ to empower leaders.
  5. Empowering Leaders Through Authenticity: Encouraging leaders to articulate their genuine thoughts and feelings about changes ensures that their public declarations align with their private convictions, fostering trust and clarity within their teams.
  6. Creating a Conducive Environment for Change: Preparing the project team — the first line of change agents — to support and facilitate effective leadership is a necessity for success.

About the Guest

Ed is passionate about transforming businesses, she offers an unusual perspective; a deep understanding of leading transformational change, and the pressures and dynamics that come with it.

Ed spent thirty years transforming businesses across the globe, the last ten in a senior leadership role managing the high value, complex culture and behavioural changes that come with M&A.

In 2019, Ed left the security of her corporate role to set up Pike Squared, an advisory firm specialising in guiding businesses through the toughest transformations, and Irrational Change, focused on building behavioural science capability in her fellow change agents.

An expert in leadership, human behaviour, culture, motivation, value realisation and inspiration, Ed often writes, speaks and teaches. Ed is the innovator behind Irrational Change.

Connect With the Guest


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/edwina-pike/

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