In this episode of the Change Management Review Podcast, Theresa Moulton interviews Dima Syrotkin, CEO of PandatronAI, to explore the intersection of AI and coaching in change management. The conversation delves into Dima’s journey from startup to leading a company that aims to make AI coaching accessible to organizations undergoing change. They discuss how AI coaching can enhance change management, foster a collaborative culture, and create scalable solutions to support employees.

Tune in to hear…

  • Dima Syrotkin’s Entrepreneurial Journey: Learn how Dima’s diverse startup experiences and his leadership in a global NGO shaped his innovative approach to AI in change management.
  • Origin and Evolution of PandatronAI: Discover the transformative journey from a corporate training marketplace to an AI-driven coaching platform that addresses key gaps in traditional change management.
  • Impact of AI on Change Management: Understand how AI coaching complements conventional methods by facilitating a bottom-up approach that directly supports and empowers employees.
  • Customization of AI Coaching: Gain insights into how AI coaching can be tailored to specific organizational needs and dynamically adjusted based on ongoing assessments and feedback.
  • Community and Collaboration Through AI: Explore how AI coaching promotes transparency and collaboration within organizations, fostering a community that supports individual and collective goals.
  • Scientific Frameworks in AI Coaching: Delve into the frameworks that guide AI coaching, ensuring that it is both scientifically grounded and effective in practical application.
  • Future of Middle Management: Consider the evolving role of middle management in an AI-enhanced landscape, emphasizing the potential shifts in managerial responsibilities and effectiveness.

About the Guest

Dima Syrotkin, currently serving as the CEO of Pandatron, a leading AI coaching company, has pursued a solid educational journey. His qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Turku University of Applied Sciences, a Master’s degree in Management and International Business from Aalto University, and he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Organization and Management at Aalto University.

Throughout his career, Dima has primarily held leadership positions, including roles as a CEO and founder of three startup companies, including Pandatron, in the education sector. Notably, he successfully sold one of these ventures. In addition to his business ventures, Dima also played a pivotal role as the founder and CEO of a local non-profit AIESEC chapter in Turku, where he led a team of 18 individuals. His professional experience also extends to management consulting, where he provided valuable insights and support to prominent corporations in Finland, such as S Group and Elisa Oyj. Dima supports some Ukraine-focused non-profits in San Francisco.

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