In this episode, Miriam Dicks explains culture and transformation in corporate and nonprofit organizations, how nonprofit organizations can benefits from operational management and how change management principles play a vital role in transforming organizational culture.

Tune in and hear Miriam’s thoughts on:

  • There are many ways to define culture, how do you define it?
  • How does culture impact operations?
  • How do you work through cultural transformation using change management techniques?
  • How do you apply change management in the nonprofit space?

About the Guest

Miriam Dicks is an operations leader with proven experience in transforming organizations to achieve optimal operational performance. Over the past 20+ years she has held several positions in operations management and operations consulting as well as serving as adjunct faculty teaching operations courses on both the graduate and undergraduate level. Miriam’s passion for operations is fueled by her belief that any organization can operate in excellence with the right tools for change. She serves as the CEO of 180 Management Group.

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