In this episode of the Change Management Review™ Podcast, Brian Gorman interviews Caroline Samné – co-founder of The Pillars, a Montreal-based consulting firm which specializes in organizational culture and transformation, organizational learning, the development of leadership, and talent management. She is a fluently bilingual change architect and leader of change.

Caroline is very passionate about helping leaders develop organizations that know how to thrive through and create change-enabled cultures for ongoing success.

A strong believer that people are the key to success in any transformation, she works with teams using systems thinking to develop, guide, and implement strategies that encompass people, process, structure, and culture. Developing and supporting cultures that thrive and embrace change is at the core of her passion.

A life-ling learner, Caroline has been teaching part-time in the faculty of Applied Human Sciences at Concordia University since 2002. A strong believer in community engagement, she sat on the Board of the Concordia Alumni Association and Games for Hope Foundation.

In this podcast, Caroline Samné shares the importance of taking a different perspective on the role of the change practitioner. This wide-ranging conversation focuses on the very human side of change from both an organizational and a change practitioner perspective.

This is one of a series of podcasts resulting from weekly discussions in the Clubhouse Change Management Reinvented room.

Tune in and get Caroline’s answers to questions like:

  1. As a change practitioner, why is it important to be conscious of what you believe about change and about your role as a change practitioner?
  2. As human beings, are people wired for change or not?
  3. How do you work with clients who say “we have this difficult/impossible change underway”?
  4. How do you see the role of the person and of systems in change?
  5. Is the change practitioner role one of following a process or methodology and ensuring deliverables are done on their due dates?
  6. What role does intuition play for the change practitioner?

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