In this podcast, Change Management Review Editor-In-Chief Theresa Moulton interviews Dana Houston Jackson. In her role as Senior Change Advisor at 1898 & Co. (a division of Burns & McDonnell), she specializes in reducing friction to make change easy and challenging the ordinary to create better futures.

With 25+ years’ experience in Project Management, Enterprise (ECM) & Organization (OCM) & People Change Management (CM), Dana has built her career in a variety of challenging roles and industries: Utilities, Manufacturing, Transportation, Construction, Engineering, Infotech, non-profit, HR, Consulting, and Academia.

As Dana likes to say, “business value is achieved when something is adopted & used, not just designed or built.”

In this fast-paced interview, Dana takes us through a journey toward motivating our people and teams by focusing on corporate culture.

You will get Dana’s answers to questions like:

  1. Why can’t we motivate others with the black and white numbers and facts? That should be enough, shouldn’t it?
  2. What are some of the signs of a company’s culture and what do we do with these signs?
  3. Should a company try to shift their organization culture first before implementing change projects?
  4. What are the 4 processes that can work for or against you when you tackle shifting to a new culture?
  5. What is this rise of the Transformation Office all about?

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