Using change management technology can sometimes feel like using fire to fight fire.

It involves using tools to support staff when technology is what many employees find challenging or concerning in the first place.

Knowing the benefits of change management technology can help you understand how to use technology in a supportive way.

At the same time, you can show staff that tools are there to augment their role, not disrupt their workflow.

It can also be helpful to consider the 3 skills change managers need to manage technology to optimize staff support.

While 70% of digital transformations fail, change management technology can help support staff toward a successful transformation.

Leader Benefits of Change Management Technology 

There are many benefits to change management technology for change leaders, beginning with helping them to communicate better and engage with their staff.

87% of senior business leaders say digitalization is a priority.

Digital transformation technologies help leaders focus on digitization’s significance while placing employees, not technology, at the core of their efforts.

Enhanced Communication and Engagement

Many technologies used in change management can support leaders in communicating and engaging with their staff.

Change management technologies that improve communication include:-

  • Pulse surveys.
  • Feedback channels.
  • Communication platforms.
  • AI-enabled engagement tools.
  • Gamification software.

These tools facilitate two-way communication, keeping employees informed, heard, and engaged throughout the change process to reduce resistance.

Streamlined Planning and Execution

Project management features, workflow automation, and task delegation capabilities help plan, track, and execute change initiatives efficiently.

As a result, this increases ROI quickly to reduce waste and increase employee retention.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Analytics dashboards and reporting tools provide real-time insights into employee sentiment, adoption rates, and progress metrics, enabling data-driven decisions for improved outcomes.

Also, consider how artificial intelligence (AI) drives change management to find new ways to use technology to support the change management process if you are unsure how to implement data-driven decisions.

Employee Benefits of Change Management Technology

Employees should always be your priority when considering the best change management technologies.

Above all, focus on people to ensure the most significant benefits of new tools.

Reduced Uncertainty

Are your team members concerned about what the upcoming transformation means for their role?

Platforms like Roadmap Pro offer simulations and change impact assessments (CIAs) that help you understand how the change will affect you and your work.

Jira Service Management also offers risk assessment capabilities to help you understand the likely risks of change initiatives, allowing you to plan before they occur or reduce their impact.

Straightforward Feedback

There is no need to wait for the next town hall or ‘all hands’ meeting.

Technology often includes anonymous feedback channels to share your thoughts and suggestions on the change process.

For instance, survey tools like SurveyMonkey, Mopinion, or WorkTango allow staff to submit feedback without fear of negative consequences.

Improved Collaboration

Break down silos and connect with colleagues facing similar challenges.

Intranet forums and discussion groups foster collaboration and peer support during the change journey and use tools like MS Teams, Slack, and Google Chat for shorter communications.

Organizational Benefits of Change Management Technology

Your organization can benefit from your use of change management technologies in many ways, as individuals accept and implement changes, making them part of their daily workflow.

Predictions suggest that the global digital transformation market will increase to USD 7 billion by 2030, so now is the time for your organization to invest and reap the benefits.

One example of a tool that offers many organizational change management benefits is the change platform ChangePlan.

Tools like ChangePlan offer benefits such as:

  1. Generate concise summaries: Create meaningful, measurable summaries effortlessly for leaders, executives, and steering committees with a simple click. This feature allows leaders to ensure their change plan is on track to ensure success and tackle challenges.
  2. Efficient data management: Centralize all your data in one place, making it easily searchable, tracked, and reportable. Despite change being complex, its success is measurable.
  3. Streamline change impact assessment: Capture change impacts swiftly and with minimal effort to allow you to identify where you are progressing and where you need to focus resources to improve and support staff on the journey to transformation success.

Certainly, consider tools like ChangePlan to reap the organizational benefits of change management technologies.

In addition, there are many other organizational benefits to using various change management technologies, beginning with higher adoption rates and lower resistance.

Higher Adoption Rates with Lower Resistance

Streamlined communication, targeted training, and personalized support foster understanding and buy-in, thus leading to smoother transitions and higher adoption rates.

A DAP can support the adoption process via in-app guidance, allowing staff to learn to use a new tool without disrupting their workflow.

It also encourages more accessible and personalized microlearning as staff can train in small increments.

In turn, this encourages better long-term knowledge retention and less stress and change resistance.

Improved Project Success and ROI

Enhanced planning, risk management, and data-driven decision-making optimize change initiatives, boosting success rates and delivering tangible return on investment.

Reduced Costs and Resource Optimization

Automated workflows, standardized processes, and targeted training minimize resource needs and administrative overhead, leading to cost savings and improved efficiency.

Always Prioritize People Over Technology 

Digital transformation is about people, not technology, so your employees must always come first.

The new technology you are attempting to introduce comes second.

Therefore, when considering the benefits of digital transformation technologies, consider the benefits to employees first to ensure a successful transformation.

The other advantages to prioritizing staff within change initiatives are that you nurture a culture of embracing change, along with the innovative approach to problems and customer service and workflow improvements that accompany it.

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