I am thrilled to join Theresa Moulton and the entire team at The Change Management Review™ (CMR) as the new Director of Change Practice Development. Having known Theresa for over a decade, I continue to be inspired by her vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to achieving valuable outcomes. Her efforts in launching and expanding CMR and its team have been remarkable.

In my new role, I aim to collaborate with the Change Management Review Team and the global change management community to identify and design strategic initiatives that will further enhance Change Management Review’s capabilities. Our shared goal is to engage, inform, and involve people in advancing the practice of change management.

Here’s how we can work together to achieve this:

Community-Centric Research

By engaging in conversations, conducting surveys, and actively listening to our community, we can identify emerging trends and opportunities within the change management discipline. This collective intelligence will help us pinpoint strategic areas of focus.

Collaborative Refinement

Working closely with the Change Management Review Team and our community members, we will refine these identified opportunities. This collaborative effort will prioritize initiatives based on their potential value and alignment with Change Management Review’s vision and mission.

Strategic Initiative Design

Together, we will conceptualize high-level designs for these priority initiatives. Our goal is to create a roadmap that outlines how we can transform these opportunities into actionable projects that benefit our community.

Community-Driven Implementation

When the timing is right, we will mobilize our team and community to bring these initiatives to life. Whether it’s expanding our professional network, enhancing professional development resources, or developing new tools and approaches, our collective effort will drive these projects forward.

I recognize the vast potential of this role and am excited about the journey ahead. By working together, we can enhance our capabilities and strengthen the change management profession.

I look forward to collaborating with you on this path of continuous improvement.

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