We’ve seen the coaching field explode over the past twenty-years as “coaching” has become less of a negative term in most forward-thinking organizations today.

Up until recently, coaching has been positioned as a negative component of a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).

Today, coaching is finally being seen for what it is: a very positive, helpful, supportive, and developmental benefit originally provided to high-potential employees.

Now, the practice is becoming more available to middle managers in organizations and included in strategic change initiatives.

This is because the numbers are showing that coaching is generating positive outcomes for leaders and managers within organizations.

“The benefits of developmental coaching are impressive. A study from Torch.io found that their research yielded resounding confirmation—94% of employees observed positive transformations in their coached managers, particularly strengthened communication.  Of the ten most commonly cited improvements, six centered on enhanced communicative abilities.” (HR Daily Advisor, February 16, 2024)

At Change Management Review, we’ve seen the power in applying the Coach Approach (a practice that effectively combines key coaching skills with core change management consulting capability) to the change management strategies and relationships within key change initiatives, for instance.

Additionally, the Association for Change Management Professionals and the International Coaching Federation built a global task force in 2021 to explore the relationship between coaching and change management.

As part of the result, the Coach Approach was born.

I am part of a presentation team at the ACMP San Diego regional conference that will be sharing the latest information on this practice on March 1, 2024.

Not only that, but Change Management Review is addressing this developmental need in the change management community by offering a targeted training certificate program, Coaching Skills for Change Professionals, with March and April cohorts launching this spring.

So if you’re interested in adding this to your toolkit, please join us!

Also, see the curated article from HR Daily Advisor, called “The Coaching ‘Ripple Effect’ Is Real: Next Steps and Strategies” by Amy Lavoie, and get a compelling update on the power of coaching today.

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