As change practitioners, we all know that some people are more resilient than others and that the dynamic world in which we live and work is putting more and more of a demand for resilience on those around us…and on ourselves. What we may not know is that we can consciously, proactively build our resilience. “Resilience is not a fixed trait that people have (or don’t have). Instead, it is the result of a combination of things that people do before, during, and after they encounter challenges. This means that resilience can be developed by understanding and practicing the skills and tools used in dealing with adversity.”

Prosilience begins with a look at the importance of resilience and provides an approach to analyzing the challenges we face. The book then looks at four key building blocks of resilience: calming yourself, resolving disruption, solving problems, and building power. Finally, it moves into providing guidance on building a Prosilience plan to strengthen your resilience through a focus in each of these four areas. There are many important messages—and learnings—to be found in this book. It is a practical, “hands-on” guide for strengthening your ability to move through life’s challenges.

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