In this episode of the Change Management Review™ “From the Field” Series, Managing Editor Brian Gorman interviews Jessica Bronzert. As CEO of The Sparks Group, Jessica focuses on Executive Coaching & Transformational Change for Organizations, Teams and Individuals seeking change that makes a difference to them and in the world. She work with organizations that are growing and changing—finding themselves in a place where business as usual is no longer enough.

In this brief, information-rich interview, Jessica focuses on the key distinction between a “consultant” and a “coach” – highlighting the challenges a change practitioner faces when wanting to coach and the skills a change practitioner needs to have in order to be successful on this path.

Questions Asked

  • What are the primary differences between consulting and coaching?
  • How is coaching different than therapy?
  • When is coaching more effective than consulting when working with a client?
  • How do you bring together the roles of change coach and change consultant/practitioner?
  • What challenges does the change practitioner face when wanting to coach?
  • What are some of the fundamental coaching skills a change practitioner needs to know?
  • What is important to do prior to bringing coaching to your change management practice?

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