In a much-cited article citing the challenges and opportunities of COVID on the environment of business, Paddy McDermott, Director of bax&max writes the following:

So when we talk about our current circumstances, we tend to see them in light of “how things were”. Everyone sees it as a passing phase and will only be happy when things go back to normal. The danger with this norm is that it discounts the learnings of the experience. We have now seen what crystal clear water looks like around Venice. Traffic has become a non-issue and people can see the benefits of having the option of working at home. The air has never been clearer and the decibel level of the birds seems to be off the charts. Spring is certainly in the air… but we are stuck inside, mostly…

[W]ithout some positive actions one will lose the learnings of this very unprecedented period of change. It’s a time for reflection and action.

Could he be saying that those who do not study history are doomed to experience a repeat?

Citing a change management model commonly used in the 1980s, McDermott explains the concept of “fatigue” and how it plays a role in decision-making and shifting perceptions.

He also reveals the importance of creating institutional legacy with lessons learned now, to help future generations who may face a similar circumstance navigate the rapids better.

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