Change management professionals relate to their role in different ways: as a short-term assignment, their primary job, or a heartfelt calling. All three are legitimate interpretations of the work, and each fulfills an important part of the profession’s spectrum; however, they often aren’t equally understood.

Assignments typically come with deliverables and due dates spelled out, and job descriptions are usually available when someone is hired.

There is far less guidance available, however, when approaching change management as a calling. No real boundaries or definitions exist; just an elusive sense that the role can have a deeper meaning than short-term assignments or even career-long employment.

This lack of clarity means that change professionals are often on their own when it comes to discerning between being good at what they do, enjoying their work, and pursuing it as a calling.

Join us for this exciting webinar, which is designed to help change practitioners who:

  • Have already answered the call and are eager to connect with others who are like-minded
  • Resonate with the idea of change management as a calling but aren’t sure what that means
  • Don’t relate to the profession as a calling but are nonetheless interested in learning more about the implications

This will be an interactive session (rather than a one-way presentation) that explores the prerequisites, requirements, and responsibilities associated with relating to change management as calling.

Come join us if this sounds like a dialog you’ve been waiting for.

Daryl Conner
Daryl ConnerCo-Founder and Chairman of Conner Partners, Conner Academy, and Conner Advisory
Daryl’s work is built on 45+ years as a change practitioner, research, extensive consulting experience, and a master’s degree in psychology. He has authored two books – Managing at the Speed of Change and Leading at the Edge of Chaos – and more than 250 publications, including journal and magazine articles, monographs, book chapters, and videos.