The concept of agile working has been adopted by many organizations that recognize the need to respond quickly and easily to new opportunities in a world of complex and continuous change.

Agile Change Management is a best practice for planning and implementing change projects. Concrete tools help deliver projects successfully and realize benefits earlier on in the process.

By emphasizing and encouraging collaborative practices, Agile Change Management empowers change practitioners, like you, to build trust, influence and motivate others, and create a roadmap that outlines all the processes, activities and information needed to manage any type of change initiative.

In a world of constant and integrated change, Agile Change Management provides a framework for evolving solutions in response to technological innovations and changes to social and market conditions.

Join us for this exciting webinar where you will discover how to:

  • Incorporate Agile principles and techniques into your own organizational change initiative
  • Build participation in change and create a sense of urgency and suitable level of motivation, for those impacted, to participate in the change initiative
  • Measure the progress of your change initiative and report on the probability that the benefits expected will be achieved
  • Incorporate techniques from Scrum®, SAFe® and AgilePM® methods to deliver an emergent approach to change
  • Use Agile Change Management principles to effectively take a “start small; don’t plan everything; address challenges as you go” that encourages forward movement
  • And much, much more during this exciting webinar, where you will have the opportunity to ask Melanie Franklin your own #1 burning question on this topic!
Melanie Franklin
Melanie FranklinDirector, Agile Change Management LTD
A highly respected change management thought leader, Melanie is the Director of Agile Change Management Ltd. and Co-Chair of Change Management Institute UK. She has worked with an impressive array of clients, including GSK, HSBC, United Nations and International Red Cross. She is the author of several publications and a regular keynote speaker at various conferences worldwide.